Dreams can be communication from entities beyond the phyiscal plane, i.e. deceased people.(Dreams and Astrological Psychology, Grove, John, p. 81).   C. G. Jung broke psychological ground when he declared in his medical degree dissertation that parapsychological  material ( evidence of dream-induced telepathy) was not evidence of pathology but of autonomous complexes.(Chartet, F. X. , Spiritualism Foundations of Jung’s Psychology, p. 297)  Autonomous complexes are split off parts of the psyche usually associated with trauma or shock or breach of our boundaries and have developed a seemingly autonomous life,  apparently an independent will of our own.  Though we are unconsciously identified with them, autonomous complexes are subjectively experienced as other than ourselves.  Autonomous complexes act upon us, feel like our most intimate self, eventually need to be owned, but paradoxically , don’t belong to us.  The seeming autonomy of the archetypes and complexes is what gives rise to the ideal of supernatural beings.  Endowned with a numinous energy, autonomous complexes are what our ancestors called specters or ghosts.  A visible disembodied spirit visits us when we dream.  It may be a deceased father, a brother, a loved one or any person one has an emotional tie with and who represents an important figure in your life.   What follows is the dream of my deceased father at a time I could have used his wisdom to my advantage.

What I am going to relate to you is  a dream I had of a  visitation of the disembodied sprit of my father while I was in Italy for the birth of my grandson, Rupert B.
Nelli (dob: 10/23/2019).  On that date of his birth, my wife and I had rented a car and went to the hospital where he was born in Poggibonsi,  Italy.  As I drove into the parking lot, I scraped a parked car in the hospital parking lot.  Since I did not  take out the accident insurance, I wanted to have the rental car repaired and pay for it.  After the exciting brith of my only grandson, I asked my son in law, Tommaso to help me find an autobody shop to fix the scrape on the rental car.   I got the car fixed but the mechanic told me there was additional damage to the hood of the car.  I mistatkenly reasoned that it must have been it when the car was parked and was possibly a separate incident  caused by a driver who backed into it and then left the scene.  I decided to get this hood fixed too.

On the 28th of October 2019, I had the following dream:

My deceased Dad appeared more like a floating apparition.  In the dream, I had been accompanied by a friend called Schaffer as a witness  that I really had a ghostly visitation from my father.  In the dream, Dad said,”Keep to your contract!”

Background: My dad had been in the car business when he was alive.  Even after he changed jobs, his brother had owned a Pylmouth/Chrysler dealship and he would buy cars every year;  cars were a passion in my family.  So if he appeared in a dream saying “keep to your contract’ I had better read the fine print on the rental contract to examine its contents.  Unforturnately, I read the contract after I fixed both areas of damage.  What the contract said was that the second hood damage was listed by the rental car company as an incident that happened before I rented the car.  I would not have been responsible for that second damage and spent in excess of 200 dollars for something that I did not have to be responsible for.  It was embarrassing to read this contract after I got the car fixed when I did not have to.  Especially disconcerting is since I study dreams, I should have listened to “Keep to the contract” which I dreamed before I got it fixed but due to the excitement, I neglected to read until after I paid for the damage.

Astrological psychological background:

Because I correlate dreams interpretation with Age Point Progression and transits using the Huber method, I shall give an explanation as to how I was influenced on another level psychically from the archetypes innervated by aspects in transits.   Why didn’t I check the contract and listen to my dream before I paid the extra money to fix damage to the rental?

The Age Point was in  the mutable zone of 12 house at the time of the accident and repair. My true nature came through here. I was emotionally biased by fear at this time and jumped to conclusions in spite of reality. I was prone to self-deception.  The Transiting Age Point was a few degrees after the low point of the 12th was semi-sextile to Jupiter which natally is at the apex of a natal T square between Moon and Neptune.  This emphasized an exaggeration of a problem which was really not as bad as I thought.  I was aged 70 at the time.  The twelvth house is a house of self-undoing and with the Age Point here represents a time of decline and a sense of isolaton.   This semi-sextile represents a little step in thinking and can lead to information received.  (the contract could have been, if read, information that prevented extra expenses for me).   Transiting Neptune was exactly square the Ascendant which is a time when it is not a good  to be involved in any kind of contractual or business negociations.  During this time, I would find it difficult to think clearly about my own goals and objectives in negociations.  (Hand, Robert, Planets in Transit, p 472).  All of these factors together prevented logic from prevailing and led to un-necessary expenses.


The fact I could have used the dream of my father’s apparent visitation based the awakening of my autonomous complex associated with him, to prevent a squandering of my money on an un-necessary repair, is disquieting as well as inspiring.  I learned a lesson to pay attention to my dreams and psychic prompts to get information before I act.  But I also forgive myself for making this error because so many psychic factors prevented an accurate appraisal of reality at that time.