Edgar Cayce believed that astrological influences show how the soul is connected to the planets.   (Akashic Records, Todeschi, p. 44).  You are “born at such a time in a certain place into the earth- surrounded by planets- at a time and place which materially represents who we are at a soul level.”  The study of astrology could give an individual a fairly accurate indication of qualities, traits, opportunities and challenges that he/she came in with-some of the same information that is available from the Akashic Records’ (Ibid. p. 45.)
The Akashic Record or Book of Life comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘boundless space”  and is equated with the central storehouse of all information for every individual.  These records are a collective thing found in the etheric body of the planet earth.
The soul can be that immutable part of us that is not dependent on life-death.  The soul has a primary motivation for love and service, so if we do not develop these traits and downplay the ego, we may not find our soul.  The soul represents the transpersonal experience of ‘beingness’ which is expressed in the realization of what is known as the Soul Ray. (Psychosynthesis the elements and beyond, Parfitt, p. 246).
According to Bruno Huber Astrological Psychologist the Causal body is constantly exchanging information with the Akashic Records and through clairvoyance and dreams, etc. ; we can ‘read’ when we want to see a person’s past or future.  (The Seven Rays, Huber, p. 8).  “Every life that a person lives is processed on the causal plane; the essence of that life is extracted and stored there as experience.  The content of the causal body (see figure 1.1) can be represented at the end of life by a certain geometric figure.”  It is Planetary aspect patterns and colors of aspects (red, green and/or blue)  that determine the quality of a person’s soul ray.  The planetary patterns can create a unique , physical astrological representation of state of the soul, ultimately and spiritually.   The soul is not incarnate, it is a pure entity of consciousness and on its own level.  Bruno Huber gives a formula for finding one’s Soul ray which helps one see how the soul is mirrored in the causal body from the Akashic record or Book of Life, the individual Soul Ray (The Seven Rays, Huber, p. 68).
Further the Moon Node Chart in Astrological Psychology reflects memory traces of previous lives situated in indeterminate time and space.  Thus contemplation on the images of these memories which could create fear and obstacles to growth in the present life; can by a process of disidentification free one of guilt and disability , restoring and proactively transforming the personality.  (Astrological Psychology, Western Esotericism and the Transpersonal, Lewis, p. 94).