Connecting Dreaming to the developmental journey as revealed in Astrological Age Point Progression

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John D Grove


As a psychotherapist in mental health with a practice of individuals and couples, I  use a developmental framework to help people through crises and tasks that normally occur in life. This website brings astrology into the picture to help you.  As well, we will go deep into dream work to encourage you to investigate your dreams shedding light on your issues.  You will find links between these three things: developmental tasks, astrology and your dreams. 

You can find out more about Astrological Psychology by visiting The Astrological Psychology Association website. One of my certifications is through the organization.

You can also calculate your charts for free at Astro.com.

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New Website

This has been years in the making.  My new website: https://asklepiosconnection.com/ This 1s a study on Astrological Psychology using the Huber method and my specialty on interpreting dreams.  You can do a number of searches. On the main page at the bottom, click on to get access to a free horoscope:  On left top click on Free horoscope, use the Koch house system and there you go... This is a website that explores examples of your aspect patterns in a power point presentation; which is on the Services page;  I have four podcasts on the Podcast page: 2 about Astrological Psychology [...]

August 20th, 2020|

Neptune Part 2

New post on The Astrological Psychology Website The Astrological Neptunian Character 2 [...]

Aspect pattern astrology explained

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18CYAzMU8PWoAoQY0aP4jPulg9Az8LRS4zgttxipjYlo/edit?usp=sharing Copy and paste into your browser to see the [...]

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