circle2There is a process in Huber Astrology called Age Point Progression.  I have written a book on the subject and published it in 2017.  It is called Life Passages: when dreams and age points coincide. Developmental crisis throughout the life cycle had been enumerated in the study by Erik Erikson in Childhood and Society.  Erikson identified 8 stages of man which are depicted above in yellow.  Correspondingly, the Bruno and Louise Huber Astrological Psychology method had identified 12 Psychological Processes of Development that roughly included Erikson’s.  In dream analysis a category of dreams is Teleological Healing dreams which can occur when one is faced with a developmental crisis.  For example, when I was in my 20’s I was trying to identify my occupational identity.  But it was difficult because I experienced role confusion in my decision making process.  I just could not decide what to do with my life.  I was ambivalent about making a decision what area of specialization I would choose because I was not truly invested in jobs that were available in the US in the 1970’s.  I had a master’s degree in Human Development but there were no jobs in that field except entry level Human service jobs.  I had water dreams over the years and to me water represented that purification and cleansing of emotions that comes with being in some relation to water.  I had threatening dreams of water seeping into the foundation of a building I was in, slowly filling it up and drowning me; a later dream I had was of a wave cresting and about to break over me with droplets of water plummeting down on my head and shoulders causing fear and terror in me.    Then I had a cathartic dream later on in which I was overcome with a wave and went under twisting and turning through the surf; but I found out I could breathe underwater! (Dreams and Astrological Psychology , Grove, 2014 pps 56-57).
I had come to a resolution by the time I had the dream of breathing under water- I had to go through a purification ritual of my emotional life before I could resolve my career choice ambivalence.  I had grown up in an alcoholic family system and I had been the 3rd born. My need for self-esteem had been unmet and I had to build that self-confidence before I could decide what to do in my main career objective.  So these water dreams lasted over 10 years and finally I decided to earn another masters in clinical social work and become a psychotherapist.  It happened that at the times I had these water dreams the Age Point was going through my 4th, 5th and 6th houses.  Each of these sensitive points in the horoscope are depicted in my life by the following:

  1. Age Point in the 4th House (Huber, Life Clock): Leaving the parental home- detachment and separation crisis.  This time from 18 -24 was a time of world travel for me and I left home and explored Brazil, Ghana, and finally Oman with a 2 year stint in the Peace Corps.  With my natal Moon in the 4th house , I was attached to home and family for my emotional well being.  I had to learn to find other ways in my contact with collective world of others to have my needs for sympathetic understanding and love met as I left home.  This was part of my emotional purification ritual of disidentification from family.
  2. Age Point in the 5th house conjunct Node (Huber, Life Clock):  This occured when I went into the Peace Corps in June of 1973.  In the context of ritual cleansing, I was dreaming of “standing on the edge of a cliff with my mother on my back.  I could not jump to the other edge of a second cliff without putting mother down and jumping across the chasm alone.  That developmental phase was a testing and experience phase in which I had existential upset and love crisis.  When I returned from the Peace Corps, I met a woman who I asked to marry me.  But that relationship failed. I was then determined to find a mate, however, and I met my current wife when I was 27.5 years of age and was able to find intimacy rather than the isolation I experienced before.
  3. Age Point through the 6th house (Huber, Life Clock):  After I got married to my wife, I had to find a job and survive, I dreamed at this time of being able to survive under water and to finally emerge a renewed person capable of emotional coping with life on life’s terms.  My dreams then changed in which I was in control of my relationship with water: I had dreams of turning water into ice, hovering above water, scuba diving and traveling with glee down a deep river gorge enjoying the currents and having a joy ride.

I realized looking back on these dream recall periods in the 1970’s,  when I studied Age Progression in the Huber Method that the psychological phases I was going through in my development corresponded with dreams.  The symbols of the water dreams and the purification rituals I had to experience in my early adult hood were necessary in order to build my self esteem, a necessary component for my dealing with the external world.