Dear reader:  I want to give you some background on Donald J. Trump and my feelings toward this President to give you a context for the following dream.  It is a fact that he is a business man  and has made some good business ideas like promoting that the US Postal Service (USPS) charge  more for shipping to help with USPS deficit problem.  He has also , it can be said , put the US on a financial footing in regards to one thing: our Nation’s self-interest in our manufacturing base (although some would argue this point) through protectionist policies especially against China.  But as an executive who is qualified to deal with global issues of health care, environmental global warming, and international negotiations he is abysmally a failure in my view.
‪I believe that no matter what the Trump administration does to quell the nation through manipulative business techniques, they will mostly fail. And plummet our US into recession. That is because his administration uses outmoded competitive models when the Federal Government Executive should be promoting centralized cooperative models among the allies who have mutual interests. But instead,  we have greed and self-interest motivating our government policies rather than leadership with a vision to unite parties. These are my rational reasons why I could never support his style of authoritarian rule.

Keeping his personality disorder out of the picture, I am concentrating here on my view that in the US 2020 Presidential election, he must be voted out of office.  I am actively going to canvass for Joe Biden and his running mate in a Republican dominated, central Pennsylvania USA region.  Thus in my small way, I want to assist in  bringing  the Trump presidency to an end.

7/3/2019 Dream
I went with Judy (my wife) who had a job in New York City.  I  traveled along with her and see the people I could meet.  While there I overheard a woman talking about Trump- that she was happy with Mr. Trump as president.  I met some other people and  thought I would maybe find astrologers. No luck there but I came across a group who seemed to be a political focused group.  They were working on a strategy to beat Trump in the up- coming election , or to get rid of him another way.  I asked them what was the slogan they were going to use as a strategy to beat Trump: they said “wonderous”.

Now following the steps I use for dream interpretation I shall highlight them below:

  1. Give the dream a name and save it for later in order to expand on its meaning. Usually when you have time to make associations with days events, feelings, and details that come to the surface from the dream.  This is called amplification.  If  you have time, draw dream images and color/paint them.  This gives direct powerful visual impact of the dream images.  This Dream’s name is “Beating Trump in the 2020 election”
  2. Divide the dream into a beginning, an action section and an end.  a. beginning– I am in NYC, I see one woman who likes Trump but I am in a democratic stronghold and see a political focused group. b. action– I ask the group “what is the strategy to beat Trump?” c. end– they utter the word “Wonderous” as the answer to my question.
  3. Identify the dream feeling or affect which is the theme of the dream.  There may be a series of dreams in the night and you can record them all.  See if you can consolidate the themes.  Dream feeling/theme– how to beat Trump in a general presidential election
  4. Make associations with people, places, events and things in your life related to the dream drama.  Associations:  I researched the word Wonderous and mostly I found Biblical references.Isaiah 6 talks about Christ as wonderful counselor, the prince of peace.
    “God thunders with his wondrous voice; he does awesome works that we don’t comprehend. Job 37: verse 5Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.  Job 37: 14For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.  Psalm 86: 10The God of this people of Israel chose our forefathers, and made the people great during their stay in Egypt, until with wondrous power He brought them out from that land.  Acts 13:172 Pet 1: 17  He received honor and glory from God the Father, and out of the wondrous glory words such as these were spoken to Him, “This is My dearly-loved Son, in whom I take delight.”Word associations from ancient Hebrew: פּלא 
    Pala’   work , wonders , marvellous , wonderful , …things , hard , wondrous , wondrously , marvellously , performing   Another association is with the dream image that I drew as the featured image of this post.  See above.  It is of God spewing forth a huge geometric form (similar to the Covid-19 image??).  This I drew immediately after I dreamt the dream as it came to me via intuitive image.  It should be told that I had the image on  (7/2019) before the pandemic was public.Reference King James Version of Holy Bible
  5.  Stop and re-read what you have written so far.  Become aware of feelings and emotions in You as you re-enact the dream drama.  – Defeat Donald J. Trump
  6.   Come up with an action plan which is somewhere between the contradictory emotions and feelings that are identified in the dreams as compared to your conscious feelings and emotions.  Action plan: I shall canvas for Joe Biden and promote democratic leadership in Washington  and I shall publish on my blog an article of this dream.

I would classify this dream as pre-cognitive (1) as it seems to me that until COVID-19 came upon the USA with its volcanic transforming of life forms bringing massive death but also highlighting heroic efforts to defeat the virus by cooperation not rivaled by anything the Trump administration could muster.  It is medical personnel and state governments in many cases who show executive skill and leadership during this crisis. Trump’s one hope of being re-elected – a thriving economy- was dashed to pieces as people lost jobs, money and needed bailed out of economic disaster.
I would also add one more  necessary variable that played a role in the massive collective and global effect of this COVID -19 event… its meaning of Divine intervention.  Divine intervention in this case, I suggest is retribution for ignoring environmental stewardship causing global warming and extinction of many species of animals; ignoring humanitarian love through accumulation of greed and massive wealth; ignoring peace by nurturing weapons of mass destruction; ignoring global cooperation and threatening war as a negotiation tool  for conflicts.   I would not presume to be a vehicle for such inspiration but I believe we all are capable when receptive to inspiration through dreams to channel guidance from the trans-personal super-conscious realm.  This is my own personal view; and I believe any person who studies his/her dreams has a wealth of such intelligence available.

Roberto Assagioli  in “Transpersonal Inspiration alludes to inspiration and creation which denotes a process whereby elaborated contents pass or descend from trans-personal levels (from God -author’s parenthesis), through dreams or intuitions, into the field of human consciousness.  Creation (of an image of the COVID-19) through a dream is a process whereby these contents are elaborated prior to their descent or appearance into human consciousness. Creation is thus analogous to the conception and gestation of a new organism in the maternal uterus, inspiration being analogous to the birth or emergence of the creature.”(2)  In this case, my view is that the creature is the COVID-19 virus.

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