Dream: On April 4, 2021 I had a dream: I asked two ladies for written feedback on my work which I felt I deserved. Some unseen authority figure told them they had to write my feedback. One of these female figures wrote on paper some words that were in cursive, in bullet format. The other one gave a written text that looked like it was borrowed from some internet site. When I reviewed it more closely, I was disappointed that the feedback appeared hasty and not really that helpful. Plus it was forced and not coming from their spontaneous appraisal of my work.
Place: In a classroom type environment
People/objects: papers, 2 women who were esteemed, one authority figure- a man who is unseen
Turning point: Reversal of feeling from the request I made; wanted it to be feedback that was positive and it ended being cursory and rather flat written feedback
Dream drama: Was looking for affirmation from females
Emotional reaction: Somewhat left flat, discouraged rather than encouraged
Lysis: What compensates the original exposition of the dream? : In the outer world of work, I feel that I am rather isolated without constructive guidance. I wanted feedback on my work
since I work in a solo practice. But the results were disappointing as they were giving feedback but were rather inferior in their comments. Conclusion: forced
commentary on individual work from others falls short. Don’t waste your time looking outside for commentary even when you feel alone in your work.

Astrological Psychology context:
Technical: My Age Point (AP) is on the first house cardinal zone within 1.5 degrees from my ascendant. The AP trines to my 4th house natal Moon stimulating my Double Ambivalence figure with quincunx. Right now Sun and Venus are conjunct by transit the natal Moon in my 4th house.

Meaning: The Double Ambivalence figure is a manager and is always looking for stability and balance by looking at polar opposites. I Show a conscious attitude of one side of an issue but then act on the polar opposite side without warning.(Aspect pattern astrology – Huber, p. 143). In carrying out this inner theme, I do so in a manner which is receptive, intemperate, intuitive and powerful (Maestro program: semantic words associated with aspects in Double Ambivalence figure).

Developmental issue highlighted by my dream and aspects by AP and planetary transits:
I am 72 years of age , at a stage of life in which I reflect at the problems of my younger years with a more mature eye; instead of getting guidance from others (which in my case was looking for approval outside of myself), I own my creative thinking. My dream is telling me that I should not look for feedback and guidance outside myself any more because it would not be useful. The challenge is to look within by relying on my inner feeling, intuition and power to manage my work on my own. Besides the feedback may be not be good quality when it is forced by conventional authority.