Civilization in Transition
A new era is coming based on spiritual values (non material) and technology through logic applied in
cyberspace, artificial intelligence and a centralized world order. What lies behind us and what lies ahead are two very different worlds with
contrasting world views.

If you identify with your location based on the element of Earth, you are limited to the geographic
boundary of your nation state and topographical barriers such as seas, mountains, etc..
Identification with the Earth promotes patriotism and nationalism, idealization of home, protection of property, civil disobedience, gun culture, et.

We are witnessing the element of Air as a dominant catalyst in the production of creative
energy and a turning away from the Earth element. If you identify with your location based on the element of air, you are a citizen of the world. You do not belong to a specific country only but have in your concern the whole of the planet. Identification with the Air promotes atmospheric and pure air induction everywhere without boundaries and an
awareness of globalization, nomads, idealization of wanderers, outer space exploration. Your concern is ubiquitous and everywhere; there are no boundaries. The proliferation of television, computers, journalism, open source information, consumer movement, global warming, and massive human migrations have come together to create this perfect storm.

On the one hand we had the Maternal, Good mother Earth with its minerals, oils, and abundant
resources that has provided sustenance for humankind for one millennium. But we are finding that these resources are limited. The Earth is being destroyed by events of flooding, fires, and severe weather events. And these commodities are creating poisonous green house gases which increase global temperature. It is as if the Earth is turned against us and cannot sustain the pressures of mankind’s fossil fuels, population demands for food, and pollution.

We have great resistance and fear that leaving behind the Earth element and the values it stands for is a kind of death. These values of following the Earth resources as sustainer of life for humankind for 2,000 years is the only world we knew and loved. So it is with the sacred ritual of a funeral that we leave the Earth resources behind and enter into a new contract with the element of Air.
On the other hand we have the Thunder and lightening of the Sky which drives the wind and causes the
Earth to be changed whether we like it or not. The movement and allegiance to Air ushers in the advent of the Singularity Archetype. Because changing of the Earth is frightful and scary and brings us the fear of our death. Change of this magnitude causes anxiety and worry because we do not know or have faith that we can survive the transition. It looks and feels like chaos and anarchy as we breach the crossing of the event horizon and embrace the Singularity Archetype.
The Singularity Archetype is based on the research into Near Death experiences (NDE). Research into NDEs discovered that :
1. There is nothing whatever to fear of death
2. Dying is beautiful and peaceful
3. Life does not begin with birth or end with death
4. Life is precious-live it to the fullest
5. The body and the senses are tremendous gifts
6. What matters most in life is Love
7. Living life oriented to materialistic acquisitions is missing the point
8. Cooperation rather than competition makes for a better world
9. Being a success in life is not the goal we should strive for.
10. Seeking knowledge is important (Johnathon Zap, Crossing the Event Horizon, p. 56)

That is why we have such a conflict all over the globe between the forces of Earth vs. Air. And most of us are not aware that this kind of struggle is going on.
Will we use Air-borne nuclear weapons to blow us up and the Earth with it? Or will we make a transition
and embrace all of humanity through human communication via Air? That is the question facing humankind