A subjective analysis of the controversial Donald J. Trump natal chart. Some considerations using the theory of Astrological Psychology as applied through the Huber Method. The image of his chart reminds me of a kite with a tether from the two bottom sides to the upper side holding it back as it tries to rise. Using the Koch House system of astrological analysis, through shaping alone we find that multiple shaping in a vertical direction is evident. He has a predominantly Green-Blue chart which could make him sensitive and adaptable but not wanting to assert himself directly too much. He would rather delegate to others and avoid making clear delineations about his vision for America because he is considering options which are to take over according to 'strong man tactics'. However, under emotional strain, he can make impulsive decisions and lash out to others without much forethought which will be addressed below. He has a closed aspect pattern and has the “You side” generally empty except for the Moon and South Node. That means he has no idea how others feel. Thus in relation to others he interprets most events from an ego-centric point of view; and when he’s dealing with relationships, he sees them as the unknown and often perceives an intrusion by ‘alien others’ into his personal experience. He can feel helpless at the mercy of unfamiliar forces- all in the realm of relationships with others. (APA Manual,Unit 2, Module 2, p. 17). Donald has multiple aspect figures: the megaphone (which is at play in all his rallies), the ambivalent triangle , an irritation triangle and linear shaping. He has multiple motivations, he is versatile, can be adaptable, seeks security and is as we know ambitious. But he may change his position quickly and jump from one emotional state to another in an attempt to adapt to prevailing circumstances. He has all three ego planets in an irritation triangle which may incline him to be motivated to keep moving and to be stimulated leading to periods of hectic overexertion. Then he attacks others. The opposition between his Sun and Moon form a central pressure-building energy so that can result in irritation when he is not supported in contact with others(Moon) which is made even more tense by his will to be an individual who is respected by his public. His inner sense of security can be threatened by his awareness of inner tension due to a longing for liberation from this tension. To complicate the emotional side, his Moon in the 4th house as tension ruler of his chart is 4 degrees from the low point conjunct the South Node; he can appear emotionally upset, immature, and inconsistent when frustrated in getting his needs met for emotional support from contact with others. He needs constant support and admiration from others. He can be a puzzle to others because he can be rebellious, demanding, manipulative and defensive when misunderstood yet charming at other times. That is because of splitting which is a defense mechanism of mentally ill people which demonizes and then over-idealizes others depending on how it effects him. His political advisors can be insincere and may impede him rather than help him. (Moon Node Astrology, p. 30). When he got the Republican nomination for President, David Duke a former KKK Grand Dragon, felt the climate was right for him to run again for senate. After some time with his advisors, Donald declined to support Duke. When his spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, for the Trump campaign spoke to a USA Today reporter (August 3, 2016), she blamed Barak Obama for the2004 the enemy killing of Army Captain Khan in Iraq when Obama was not even president at the time. Not only has Donald Trump tried to control the damage from his own impetuous personality, he has to deal with the incompetence of his own advisors. He lies to cover this up. This creates a rise of anger and aggressiveness which he is not in control of… (added by Uranus which is conjunct the Sun and opposed Natal Moon which confers rebelliousness); he has no filters on the impulses so he must defend himself after his outbursts with evasive behavior which often involves a softening or reversal of his position. ( Aspect Pattern Astrology, p. 177, Huber). With Mars stressed before the 1st house, we find him expressing himself with arrogance, annoyance, in a noisy spontaneous and uncontrolled way. His revengeful feelings when he sees himself as a victim, is well known. He may well get involved in a ”Waterloo Event” in which he will be in a life or death struggle for the recognition and legitimacy of his presidency of the United States over and over again. (Transformation, Huber. p. 56). His aggressiveness may assist his feeling nature which is part of the blue side of an ambivalence triangle (Mars trine the Moon conjunct the Dragon tail oppose the Sun, Node and Uranus conjunction). Thus , he can be self-satisfied with his individualistic nature (Vertical direction) when seeing himself in an fantasy world in which he has created; but he is at a loss to understand why he arouses so much opposition from others and does not have a clue how this happened. So he invents conspiracy theories to rationalize why he is so ill-treated. He said, “This election may be rigged!” or "The fake media always attacks Donald Trump's presidency." He becomes aggressive when others oppose him because he feels he should not be attacked; in fact he exaggerates the threats by others due to his hypersensitivity. And since intelligence may be measured in part by the “intelligence planets Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn” (Huber, Astrological Psychosynthesis, p. 26-30) we see the following: 1. A tendency to exaggerate and flip-flop his thinking/feeling values (Jupiter in 2nd house square Mercury in 11th ). At a rally in Virginia, he was interrupted by a baby crying. “Don’t worry about that baby… I love babies…I hear that baby crying and I like it. What a baby. What a beautiful baby. Don’t worry, Don’t worry; it is , beautiful and healthy and that’s what we want, ok? A few minutes later when the bawling had not stopped, he said, “ Actually I was just kidding you can get that baby out of here”! One can not tell if he is being sarcastic or sincere in his retorts even when seen on live TV. 2. His conservative bent due to his needs for security can in part be based on the past values with little appreciation of having to change his life goals. So he can be seen displaying bigoted, racist and reactionary behavior (Venus conjunct Saturn in 11th house). Consider his stance on immigration, halting Muslims’ entry into our country and revival of post industrial America so he can “Make America Great Again” 3. Jupiter is on the Low Point of the 2nd house in which his need for appreciation of his self worth does not find an outward expression but is, in fact, ignored by the environment; he then can compensate by exaggerating his self importance. He demonstrates the inability to have the right response at the right moment. No apologies, no humility. He has the tendency to hop from one relationship to another. He relies on superficial impressions and spontaneous reaction rather than on sound judgment provided by observation. He has in addition an anti-social personality disorder with narcissistic traits.