A Message from John

Dreams and Astrological Psychology:

The Way Through the Maze of the Unconscious

John D. Grove has spent many years in two worlds – the practical world of professional psychotherapy based on Jungian theory, contrasted with his ongoing more private interest in the world of astrological psychology. Dreams and Astrological Psychology presents his reconciliation of these driving forces in his life.

John highlights the profound predicament we in the Western world are in, reflecting the unbalanced state of our own egos. Jungian understanding of the psyche points the way forward, and John suggests that we can each become our own psychologist to begin to understand the puzzle of our own psychic existence. Our dreams and our astrological chart provide keys that help us to unlock this puzzle and realize our true potential as psychologically healthy and balanced individuals, thus raising the level of our collective experience.

Dreams and Astrological Psychology by John D. Grove
Dreams and Astrological Psychology by John D. Grove

Life Passages:

When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide

John D. Grove has been a practicing psychotherapist for 40 years and an astrologer since 1972. With his years of experience of combining psychology principles and astrology, in Life Passages John uses the horoscope as a tool for psycho-spiritual insights.

Bruno and Louise Huber’s seventy two phases of psychological development are compared to Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of Man to demonstrate the Life Clock’s validity.

John provides volunteer’s dreams which synchronize with Age Point Progression in contact with sensitive points in the horoscope. He asserts that environmental life events can trigger dreams which can impact dreamer’s attitudes creating profound identity changes supporting growth. He provides techniques for dream incubation, recall and journaling of daily events that go with dreams amplification.