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Dreaming mind Dreams lead a person out of a neurotic conflict by the process of individuation.   “Health and individuation, however are not always aligned; what is healthy for one dominant ego-image at a particular stage of life may be decidedly unhealthy for the nascent ego-image in the next stage of life.” (Hall, p. 28), For example, if an individual is facing the issue of leaving home and becoming more independent from her family vs. staying home and not venturing out.   It causes anxiety to accomplish this because it could fail.  This is an example of a developmental task that reveals a psychological conflict- stay or leave home The process of individuation which is driving subliminally the process, is the ‘enemy’ of what the person wants which is to stay at home and not face the anxiety of being on one’s own. “Individuation is a larger and more complex concept than [...]

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The spectrum of severe mental health disorders and astrological research- a beginning

A continuum of Mental Health Disorders: This article will explore the factors both environmental and genetic that lead to a sliding continuum of mental problems rather than discrete disorders.  The medical model has been imposed upon mental disorders which has rules for categories of separate disorders.  This dictates which medications  are used and which add to the stigma of mental illness by pathologizing the diagnoses.  The medications have difficult side effects which turn my clients to homeopathic treatments like cannabis, alcohol, and other remedies with fewer side effects. Nature and nurture: I am departing from these diagnostic category biases by bringing astrology into consideration which has implications as to the genesis of these disorders (karma?, genetics?, the birth trauma?).  The environmental factors which play a role in severe mental illness of schizophrenia are related to birth complications, particularly prenatal viral infection. (Cannon, et. al, 1993)  Subjects also showed attention problems, [...]

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Visitation dream of deceased person(s)

Dreams can be communication from entities beyond the phyiscal plane, i.e. deceased people.(Dreams and Astrological Psychology, Grove, John, p. 81).   C. G. Jung broke psychological ground when he declared in his medical degree dissertation that parapsychological  material ( evidence of dream-induced telepathy) was not evidence of pathology but of autonomous complexes.(Chartet, F. X. , Spiritualism Foundations of Jung's Psychology, p. 297)  Autonomous complexes are split off parts of the psyche usually associated with trauma or shock or breach of our boundaries and have developed a seemingly autonomous life,  apparently an independent will of our own.  Though we are unconsciously identified with them, autonomous complexes are subjectively experienced as other than ourselves.  Autonomous complexes act upon us, feel like our most intimate self, eventually need to be owned, but paradoxically , don't belong to us.  The seeming autonomy of the archetypes and complexes is what gives rise to the ideal of [...]

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Emergence of the Lion

The archetype of the Lion has long been associated with the constellation of Leo in the Zodiac.  Throughout history, the lion has been correlated with the solar principle.  In the glyph above, it represents the beginning of spring as the constellations of Taurus, the bull is being slayed by the lion, in which the Sun emblematic of the planting season is conjunct Taurus in April/May (Persepolis, 500 BCE).  The Lion as an archetype is also symbolic of the ego, the ruler, and as the 5th sign of the zodiac, it is expression of existential wishes and desires. In Bruno Huber's developmental astrological  psychology, the movement of the AGE Point (AP) through the twelve astrological  signs represents psychological tasks as a person interacts with the environment.  The AP takes six years to traverse one house which is symbolic of the field of activity associated with the traditional astrological houses. The [...]

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Confessions of a dreamer

Dream: On April 4, 2021 I had a dream: I asked two ladies for written feedback on my work which I felt I deserved. Some unseen authority figure told them they had to write my feedback. One of these female figures wrote on paper some words that were in cursive, in bullet format. The other one gave a written text that looked like it was borrowed from some internet site. When I reviewed it more closely, I was disappointed that the feedback appeared hasty and not really that helpful. Plus it was forced and not coming from their spontaneous appraisal of my work. Place: In a classroom type environment People/objects: papers, 2 women who were esteemed, one authority figure- a man who is unseen Turning point: Reversal of feeling from the request I made; wanted it to be feedback that was positive and it ended being cursory and rather flat [...]

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Election 2020 Trump on Display

This Astrological Psychology post uses the Huber method to give a perspective on Donald J. Trump’s re-election prospects based on his Natal horoscope, Transits, Age Point (AP) Progression aspects to Pluto in his horoscope, and the Sabian symbol for 12 Degrees of Virgo which is the AP degree on November 3, 2020, the day of the USA election. Trump’s Natal Chart (Figure 1. below- I am focusing on Pluto in Trump’s 12th house, the house of Isolation, You-loss, the house of the unworldly man[i] which in his natal chart is unaspected.  In Donald J. Trumps’ horoscope, Pluto is unaspected and lies outside the Megaphone, a 4 sided aspect figure characteristic of his unconscious motivation.  That means that Plutonian energies are divorced from the energies aspect planets in his horoscope. Pluto draws energies from the environment when unaspected.  As a psychotherapist, I recognize Plutonian energies as mafia- like power grabs that [...]

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New Website

This has been years in the making.  My new website: This 1s a study on Astrological Psychology using the Huber method and my specialty on interpreting dreams.  You can do a number of searches. On the main page at the bottom, click on to get access to a free horoscope:  On left top click on Free horoscope, use the Koch house system and there you go... This is a website that explores examples of your aspect patterns in a power point presentation; which is on the Services page;  I have four podcasts on the Podcast page: 2 about Astrological Psychology and 2 on Dreams.This self-study module is recommended before you book a consultation from me .   Enjoy!

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Reaching for inner truth- on the edge of gender

There are variables that influence the degree of gender expression in humans. Intrauterine high levels of testosterone in female fetuses can make  tomboys out of biological females and  genetic mutations of chromosomes called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome create both male/female non-functional genitalia in one person.  Of course no one has a monopoly on truth and there are many approaches.  There are child rearing practices that influence gender identity.  My focus here is on how the psyche produces contra-sexual identities through psychological identifications and unconscious mechanisms called autonomous complexes based on Animus/Anima archetypes and the how the Self orchestrates the whole process. We approach Truth as an ideal ; both inner and outer truths preoccupy our goals and desires.  Perception of what images we are motivated by, what emotions stir us and what thoughts ultimately come to consciousness requires reflection and an inner journey.  Lets go on an inner journey now into [...]

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