Civilization in Transition

Civilization in Transition A new era is coming based on spiritual values (non material) and technology through logic applied in cyberspace, artificial intelligence and a centralized world order. What lies behind us and what lies ahead are two very different worlds with contrasting world views. If you identify with your location based on the element of Earth, you are limited to the geographic boundary of your nation state and topographical barriers such as seas, mountains, etc.. Identification with the Earth promotes patriotism and nationalism, idealization of home, protection of property, civil disobedience, gun culture, et. We are witnessing the element of Air as a dominant catalyst in the production of creative energy and a turning away from the Earth element. If you identify with your location based on the element of air, you are a citizen of the world. You do not belong to a specific country only but have [...]

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Considerations in Astrological Psychology Consultation

When I do a consultation I emphasize the need for an accurate birth time because finer discriminations of the personality depends on the exact time of birth. Next I emphasize that the name Astrological Psychology has an emphasis on Psychology because we are assessing the personality based on finely tuned aspects, ego strengths and needs that promote or delay the integration of the personality. I would emphasize two components of analysis: 1. The aspect patterns linking planets together into linear, quadrangular or triangular shapes needs identified. (Huber, Bruno and Louise, Aspect Pattern Astrology, Hopewell publishing, Knutsford, UK, 2005 ). Are they linear mainly which indicates a creative and achievement oriented personality? Are they forming a triangular pattern indicative of mutability, adaptability and love of change? Are they quadrangular indicating the need for balance, harmony and stability? This addresses unconscious motivation of the individual depending on the preponderance of one shape [...]

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Use of Astrology and Psychotherapy: Evidence

There is empirical evidence to support the use of astrology in psychological counseling; reports from empirical studies show evidence of statistically significant correlations between extraversion tendencies and planets in the “positive” signs of the zodiac, (i.e. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) source: .(Tarvainen, On Astrological Polarity in Extravert/Introvert Groups, Correlation, Vol 32, 1, 2018,p. 33). Using astrology to facilitate self-understanding and personal growth in my clients is a valuable tool. One study conducted in 2018 found that astrological birth charts could be used as a tool to help clients identify personal strengths and weaknesses and foster self-exploration. (“A Constructivist Investigation of Astrology as a Tool for Self-Discovery”, in New Age of Leadership; Martin, Cameron; University of San Diego, 5/17/2022). Additionally, I have used astrology in my practice to serve as a useful starting point for therapy sessions by providing insight into my clients personality traits, tendencies, and potential areas [...]

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Reincarnation discovery through dreaming

The concept of reincarnation is difficult for some people to accept.  The idea is not new, in fact it is universal and an ancient concept.  Buddhists and Hindus believe in reincarnation and the transmigration of souls is based on karmic action in past lives and its influence over this incarnation of the soul. Research: Dr. Ian Stephenson, psychiatrist, had studied systematically reports of reincarnation in his work , (Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. 1974) both in the West and in Eastern cultures. Stephenson mostly reported on case studies of children before the age of 7 who because of innocence and lack of life experience seem to be more in contact with attitudes and beliefs of their own past lives.  But there is evidence of past life memories occurring in the dreams of adults, the most common of which are nightmares of traumas that occurred in past lives.  Dreams and past [...]

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The Horoscope and integration of the personality through psychosocial tasks

What follows is a description of theories used in my clinical social work practice and my consultant work for  These theories and their application are the bases of operations in astrology and psychology disciplines.  There are sections of practical experiments which can guide the beginner to the Huber method to discover how to actualize insights into this method of horoscope interpretation. Psychological Social Development: The first thing is to understand in the lifecycle is the work of Eric Erickson and Bruno and Louise Huber.  These theorists identified the developmental stages and critical psychological tasks starting at birth with the establishment of the ‘I’ to the moment of death.   An individual goes through psychological conflicts which need to be resolved for healthy growth to occur during his/her whole life long.  They include when a child is  developing the sense of "I"; entering in the school world as an elementary student; [...]

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Induced collective American psychosis

A global event today in the face of multiple social, theological, humanitarian and political crises induces the feeling that rapid change is being imposed upon all nation states.  These changes are disrupting the traditional ways of living in the most general sense; a threat to our way of life is upon us! That the "Other" , the Stranger, the Foreigner, the Alien are all seemingly threatening the status quo and social order in all countries makes it easy to project blame on people who do not share our ethnic identities, our cultural values or our religions.  Global climate change crosses  nation states borders and demands mitigation as infrastructure is destroyed by floods, weather events, and failed ecosystems.   Whether a country is to have a centralized government in democracies to mitigate these threats is even in question.  Advanced Technologies make it possible for Artificial intelligence to take the human factor out [...]

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Freud and Jung in dream analysis

The above figure identifies three structures of the Freud Psyche theory: Id , Ego and Superego. The Id is the most unconscious and represents instincts that operate and erupt into our conscious minds; the Ego is the reality tester, mediates the impulses from the Id and refers them to the conscience or moral compass in the personality that evaluates the consequences of acting on Id impulses. The function of Dreams. In psychoanalysis, Freud used dreams in the analysis of the transference in which he also used the relationship between him and the patient as a symbolic relationship related to parental figures of the patient. Sigmund Freud asserted that defense mechanisms of repression (unconscious forgetting) and displacement (symbolic associations to the dream image meant to disguise it) are there to preserve sleep because conscious knowledge of the real meaning of dreams would awaken the dreamer. An idea merely existing as [...]

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The Dreaming Mind

Dreaming mind Dreams lead a person out of a neurotic conflict by the process of individuation.   “Health and individuation, however are not always aligned; what is healthy for one dominant ego-image at a particular stage of life may be decidedly unhealthy for the nascent ego-image in the next stage of life.” (Hall, p. 28), For example, if an individual is facing the issue of leaving home and becoming more independent from her family vs. staying home and not venturing out.   It causes anxiety to accomplish this because it could fail.  This is an example of a developmental task that reveals a psychological conflict- stay or leave home The process of individuation which is driving subliminally the process, is the ‘enemy’ of what the person wants which is to stay at home and not face the anxiety of being on one’s own. “Individuation is a larger and more complex concept than [...]

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