Psychosynthesis Using Dreams and Astrological Psychology Life Clock

This process of dreaming and using the images to navigate life’s challenges throughout the life cycle according to one’s needs for psychological growth can be most effective using Huber’s Life Clock to determine the psychological context of the issues involved.

This post has two-fold theoretical basis: Use of  the psychological model of Dr. Roberto Assagioli’s Psychosynthesis (Certificate in 12/2018 Will Parfitt’s Course in Psychosynthesis: Personal and Spiritual Development-12 Lessons)  and The Huber method promulgated by Astrological Psychology Association (Diploma in 6/2015 in Advanced theoretical study of Astrological Psychology).

This approach is determined by why people visit astrologers in the first place…”one is a crisis situation of some kind and the other is due to awareness of something in the person needing to change that comes into consciousness.” ( Astrological Psychology, The Huber Method. Barry Hopewell editor, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, England. 2017.)  This blog has therefore used the astrological and psychotherapeutic skills of this writer to guide the reader him/herself to deal with both of these situations.  I am a clinical social worker with 40 years of clinical psychotherapeutic experience as well as a trained Huber astrologer.

To understand psychosynthesis, it is best to use the “Egg diagram” below to identify parts of the psyche that influence our behavior as individuals.  Broadly, the top part of the “EGG” diagram represents the Future, the Middle Part is the Present, and the lower part is the Past.

4 is the conscious I which is the field of consciousness

The Model of Astrological Psychology as integrated into the Psychosynthesis description below uses the Planets of each Zodiac sign to represent different drives:
Sun: ego personality-based self-awareness using thinking,mental capacity and vitality. Moon: ego personality-based you-awareness using feeling,sensitivity and sympathy.  Saturn: ego personality-based self-confidence using the body, immunity and security.  Mercury: basic life-sustaining drives and instincts for deductive information processing.  Jupiter: basic life-sustaining drives and instincts for sensory and perceptive evaluation.  Mars: basic life-sustaining drives and instincts for achieving motor activity and potency.  Venus: basic life sustaining drives and instincts: enjoying aesthetic assimilation.   Uranus:  spiritual growth thru creative intelligence using occult methods of world ideal.   Neptune: spiritual growth thru mystical identification and unconditional Love & service. Pluto: spiritual growth thru spiritual will using metamorphosis, magic and creation.

The past (section 1 at the bottom of the Egg diagram below are the forgotten influences, personal complexes, long repressed memories and instincts over which we have little control.  Our developmental  experiences in early life have conditioned us to  yearn for the need for security (Saturn), the need for belonging (Moon) and need for Self-Esteem (Sun) as explained by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Section 2 refers to all states of mind easily brought in consciousness.  It is made up of sub-sections 4 (suppressed material of the middle unconscious) and 5 (the personal self,  the “I” who experiences all these states of consciousness.

Astrological Psychology challenges the individual through psychosynthesis : to integrate one of his/her ego planets in the ‘personal self ‘so that he/she can have confidence in a preferred consciousness such as  thinking, feeling or sensation in meeting his/her needs (Section 5).     This is determined by which of the three ego planets is the strongest qualitatively and quantitatively by placement in the horoscope by house, sign and the aspects number. The field of consciousness is dominated by one of the 3 ego planets (section 4)  that influences either our  thoughts (Sun), emotions/desires (Moon) and sensations (Saturn).  The strongest ego planet is identified in the Huber method which can lead to integration of the other three ego planets; then the  personality  is induced  to act in a consistent manner.   This determines our choice of occupation and partner relationships and many other interest areas.

In section 2 is the balance of the planets which are not usually in the field of awareness but with self-awareness, they have potential to be in the field of consciousness.  The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Venus are instinctual , life-sustaining planets.  Mercury and Jupiter are drives to developing learning.   Mercury is a drive to communicate what one is taught in schools and in one’s environment through tradition.  Jupiter is drive based on what one is taught by observation/discovery of one’s individual philosophy or spiritual values through study.   Mars is a drive of developing achievement through motor action which is also instinctual.  Venus is the drive to developing aesthetic enjoyment by instinctual assimilation and selection.  Sometimes individuals act in an instinctual manner of which they are not aware; they have no mental filters and act on a gut feeling.  Instinctual behaviors come from sections  1 and 2.

Section 3 of the EGG refers to superconsciousness, the evolutionary future and our receptivity to illumination and inspirations that came come through artistic or scientific pursuits.

Section 6 represents the spiritual and transpersonal Self and the realization of that which lies beyond conscious awareness.  Our realization of the transpersonal self and awareness of the personal self  are the goals of psychosynthesis which allows us to effectively direct the personality.  It is not determined by ego needs but instead is associated with the 3 transcendent planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) with drives associated with universal principles and their aspects to one or more ego planets.

Section 7 represents the Collective unconscious which is a field of other sentient beings common to all living beings.   These archetypes can also  influence us through dreams as visitations or other forms of psychic phenomena (telepathy, for example). These sentinent beings are in constant and active interchange with us whether we are aware of it our not. The boundaries around our etheric body/field determines the degree to which we are influenced by these energies.  Huber: Astology and the 7 Rays  See figure 1.1 in referencesHuman bodies


Dreams:   Since 1970,  I have been recording my dreams and it  wasn’t until I took a course in Astrological Psychology using the Huber Method that  I understood that timing of dreams is correlated to the transits of Age Point (see below), planetary transits and progressions over our sensitive natal positions.  The Past and its unconscious memories,  associations , and repressed memories of your autobiography are all contained  along with the dreams that come from in the personal unconscious in section 1 of the EGG.

At the time a person enters young adulthood, he/she is entering the phase of individualization.  That is, the development of your identity is forming and becoming specialized as : thinking, feeling, intuition or sensation. (Jungian Types).  For the ‘normal’ expected experience in the western world,  people may have dreams with some anxiety/depression about leaving home, making it in the outer world, finding love, making a living and starting a family or making creative works.

In as many as 20 years from 1970 to 1990 I recorded and interpreted my dreams ,  I had discovered that water was my personal symbol of the unknown in my dreams and that my anxieties were caused by emotional rushing in of ‘affects’ from my unconscious that could lead to my failure to achieve my developmental  milestones at that time.

In my young adulthood, I had recorded dreams with water themes but they were threatening:  I had water dreams in which I was fearful of violent waves or tidal waves with their full destructive fury unleashed on coastal villages (circa 1973-1976); I dreamed  of water seeping through my house and breaking up the plaster walls (circa 1978); I dreamed that I was overcome by a wave that crested over my head as droplets fell to my head then I woke up (circa 1980); I dreamed I was finally brought under the water by a wave that crashed down on me as I tumbled about underwater but to my surprise I could breathe underwater! (circa 1983).  That was a transformative dream for me showing me that I could survive emotionally powerful situations.  I  had dreams from then on in which I transformed  the element of water, reversed the laws of nature and discovered I could survive in the water medium!  It was a spiritual awakening that there were forces within me that were healing, guiding me to a mastery over the world of my nature.  I felt peace. (See the full development of this process of dream recording in my book Dreams and Astrological Psychology)

From that time on in the 1980’s I had dreams with the following themes:  that I could ride on the water in a swift boat going fast down a canyon river; that I could scuba dive underwater and find treasures; that I could change ice into water by touching the ice with my index finger and transferring heat from nearby hearth fires of the dwellers near the frozen river; that I could cross the great river and go to a new-found land.

What source was changing my relationship with water, an experience that previously terrified me?  Did  the Self guide me on to transform my fears to adventure? I say it was God’s grace through Love who helped me find confidence to achieve life’s challenges from within balancing my emotional side with my thinking main function.  That whole process C. G. Jung called indivuation;  I was  guided by an invisible hand into roles as a husband, father,   and psychotherapist; able to experience strong emotions without being overwhelmed by them..  Further,  I experienced more confidence and faith in Divine Will.   This transformation in me had occurred with the element of water being the medium because as my horoscope below indicates, I have no planets in water signs so it is a deficit.

John’s natal (radix) chart , Huber method, Koch houses, tropical zodiac.  (note: The years starting at 53 is 1953 and so on around the circle till it reaches 19 or 2019 at the end of the circle, is the path of Age Point Progression- a Huber concept that will be explained below)

John chart

Water symbolized my feeling function and emotional affects that could overwhelm my conscious focus.  As a thinking type, my emotional side was the least developed function in my personality.  I believe I was guided  by the individuation process; that the  processes of personal development that I  needed to balance out thinking with the relationship feeling functions happened to my without my conscious will.  This started the inviduation process for me around the age of 37.  The goal of individuation was  to bring about balance, wholeness, equity in relationships, justice, harmony and love beside my pragmatic thinking nature.

Age Point (AP) Progression and Dreams:

Age Point progression in Astrological Psychology is a time-based method in which the passage of a point called the Age Point (AP) traverses all twelve houses of the horoscope starting with the ascendant at birth. It starts in House 1 when the child is born, it takes 6 years to travel through the first house and 6 years for each of the 11 subsequent houses until the age 72.  One full revolution around the horoscope takes 72 years as it passes through the 12th house at age 66 and then returns to the ascendant once again.  (See the blue, white and yellow mandala below).  Huber believed that  as one ages, one meets psychological crises as the AP traverses the cusp of each house.  My figure below compares Erik Erickson’s 8 stages of man ( inner yellow section) with Huber’s 12 psychological crises (2 white outer circles bordered in blue).




The figure above is in my book Life Passages: When Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide, 2017, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK.

Below is a chart with the twelve houses.  0 on the left is where the child starts her age AP progression in the first house of the Life Clock depicted below as a time piece.  At Age 6, she is moving into the second house, and so on every 6 years until the whole cycle is completed at age 72.   At 72 the AP enters the first house where a new cycle begins.

From 72-78 the ‘dynamism of “the fire temperament imparts a fresh impulse to the remaining years of life.  Pep and verve return, and for many senior citizens, this is the first time they have really been themselves…  One can find entirely new things about oneself after being given a new inner direction by contact with the boundless space of the 12 house.”  (Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual Path, Huber, Bruno and Louise, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK. 2008, p. 139 ).  The AP starts over again in the first house, moving at the same 6-year pace through each house 2nd house at age 78,  third house at 84, fourth house at 90, fifth house at 96, etc…

As the AP highlights sensitive points in the horoscope, certain challenges, issues and opportunities confront us.   This process continues throughout life and determines behavioral outcomes and consequences as one experiences the world.  scanage progression

My discovery is  that unconscious processing of complexes in the personal unconscious, (section 4 in the Egg) as revealed in dreams coincides with AP aspects to sensitive points in the natal chart.  AP progression can reveal much to show the developmental conflict that the AP progression highlights.  Dreams inform the ego, based on triggers in everyday life experiences, of the context of life problems beyond the external stressors we encounter.  Dreams come from the core of the individual, the Self and from God.  Through the psychic structure of the Self, the dream images change the ego identity of the person.  Knowledge of one’s dreams as they coincide with AP progressions, along with techniques of amplification can provide solutions to life’s problems and psychological crises.  Psychosynthesis is completed by using the integrated ego planets to navigate the psychological crises in the life cycle brought about by becoming whole, growing to meet developmental challenges and balancing out the personality.  Destiny is revealed and life tasks is inspired by the Divine guidance of our life of dreams, actions and integration.


Life Clock, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2006 , Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK.

Dreams and Astrological Psychology, John Grove, 2014 , Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK.

Life Passages: Wen Age Point Aspects and Dreams Coincide, John Grove, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK, 2017

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Astrology and the Seven Rays: Interpreting the Rays through the Natal Chart; Bruno and Louise Huber, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, UK, 2006 p. 7 Introduction


Published by

John D Grove

I am a psychotherapist and astrological psychology practitioner. I do dream interpretation as it relates to developmental life issue. I have had published two books: one on Dreams and Astrological Psychology and one on Life Passages, how dreams and Age Point Progression work together to illuminate the Life journey. I do consultations.

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