The emergence of Iran supporting Palestinians

Uranus in Taurus is just occurring along with the New Moon on the 13 th of May.  This means a new cycle of manifestation (Sun) and emotional support (Moon) is going to occur as the Moon/Sun relationship hits square, and then opposition on the Full Moon, the 28 of May 2018. Also beginning with the new moon and crescent of the Moon is the holy month of Ramadan this year.  This is a time in the Islamic lunar calendar in which there is fasting during the day and feasts and devotions during the night.  Ramadan month focusses the believer on the meaning of being a Muslim  by adhering to the 5 pillars of Islam.  The Hajj or pilgrimage to a holy site is one of the 5 things one must do as a good Moslem.  In Jerusalem is one of the holiest Mosques called Dome of the Rock in which  it is believed that the prophet Mohamed ascended into heaven.  It is the 3rd holiest shrine in the Muslim faith.  The manifestation of the month of sacrifices to Islam during the month of Ramadan coincided with the beginning of the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and is bound to sew more extreme reactions from the Palestinians…and other Muslim countries.

During the celebration of the anticipated move on the part to the United States to establish its embassy in Jerulsalem from Tel Aviv on May 14,2018, there was a crisis started among the Palestinians who live in the Gaza strip. That is because it was 70 years since Israel was founded but also 70 years since the cleansing of the Palestinian villages that occurred the same time Israel was founded.  Saeb Erekat, a Palestinian negociator was saying the move of the embassy without any reciprical move for establishing a Palestinian state only demonstrates America’s resolve to violate international law in the following:
“The US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and now to move its embassy on the eve of marking 70 years since the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of at least 418 Palestinian villages, and the forcible displacement of two-thirds of our people, shows the determination of the US administration to violate international law, destroy the two-state solution and provoke the feelings of the Palestinian people, as well as of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians around the globe,” Erekat said in a statement.

Three events on May 14, 2018 were an ominous foreboding of more conflict to come:  the start of Ramadan; the celebration of the move of the US embassy; and the anniversary of Nakba, the catastrophe, in which 700,000 Palestinians were forced out of their homes in 1948.  Palestinians have been longing for a two state solution and the right of return to their homeland since the Nakba.  This move by United States provoked them to protest because their wishes for a Palestinian state were dashed with Jersalem being the capitol of Israel  for the Jews and not the same was done for Palestine and for the Muslims.

This Palestinian cause had been historically funded and social services delivered to Palestinians as well as war with Israel by Hamas,  seen as a terrorist organization by the US and most of its allies.  Hamas is Iran funded and is considered to use violent means to establish a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.  Hamas was considered by the US to be behind the protests on Gaza on May 14,2018 in which 55 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers.  But the Palestinian authority denied that Hamas was responsible for the uprising because  it was the Palestinians alone who demonstrated, desperate that their right of return would never happen.

In the study of astrology, countries of the world are symbolized by certain signs.  February 11,1979 is celebrated as Iran Revolution day when the Shah of Iran’s reign collapsed. Iran has historically been symbolized by Aquarius.   Its has a Leo Ascendant and Taurus Midheaven (MC).  If one goes to Persopolis as I did in 1974, one sees the bas- relief of a lion slaying a bull on the invocational temple of Persepolis built by Darius I in 500 BC.  It has 500 stone columns and 2500 years ago it was a priestly temple where the significance is explained by the following:

” the symbol of the sun slaying the bull, besides representing the two essentials in agriculture , sun and rain, is one of the earliest  astronomical myths and pershaps the most important… the fusion of the animal forms into a unified symbol, a symplegma, is found on seals.  It represents the moment when the constellations Leo and Taurus are at their Zenith, conincident with the Sun at the same point, conincides with the spring equinox, March 21 or Naw Ruz, the signal for spring plowing” (Arthur Upham Pope, p. 24 Persian Architecture. 1969, The Asia Institute, p. 24).

In a nutshell we can see  how the constellations and zodiac signs functioned for the ancients in that they were significators by the priestly class to determine the division of time.  Even as far back as 530 BCE , the ancients were using atrological data in order to time their activities in agricultural settings.

Countries of the world have sign rulers and Iran’s sign ruler is the Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.  Uranus is coming into Taurus constellation  (MC of Iran) at this time (2/11/1979@ 5:25pm after the sun set and the last salah or night prayer could begin). The archetype of Uranus is symbolized by the “principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform, revolution, and the unexpected break up of structures; with sudden surprises, revelations and awakenings, lighning-like flashes of insight, the acceleration of thoughts and events, Uranus transits are linked to unpredictable  and disruptive changes; “(Cosmos and Psyche.2007,  Richard Tarnas, p. 92).  I would not predict events but would associate the country of Iran as escalating the Arab- Israeli conflict in Jerusalem as  spring progresses.  Perhaps through Hamas but it may be a major player heating up sympathy for the Palestinian cause throughout the Muslim world.  The moon as it becomes full by May 28, represents emtional needs for sympathy and caring linked to the Palestinian peoples’ plight.  The Moon and the star are signals on the flags of many Muslim countries and is the symbol of Islam.  Sky Gods are represented by a star.  I look for possible rebellion as Uranus enters Taurus, among Islamic states, in response to the plight of the Palestinians- led mostly by Iran.

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John D Grove

I am a psychotherapist and astrological psychology practitioner. I do dream interpretation as it relates to developmental life issue. I have had published two books: one on Dreams and Astrological Psychology and one on Life Passages, how dreams and Age Point Progression work together to illuminate the Life journey. I do consultations.

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