Connecting Dreaming to the developmental journey as revealed in Astrological Age Point Progression

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John D Grove


As a psychotherapist in mental health with a practice of individuals and couples, I  use a developmental framework to help people through crises and tasks that normally occur in life. This website brings astrology into the picture to help you.  As well, we will go deep into dream work to encourage you to investigate your dreams shedding light on your issues.  You will find links between these three things: developmental tasks, astrology and your dreams. 

You can find out more about Astrological Psychology by visiting astrologicalpsychology.org. One of my certifications is through the organization.

You can also calculate your charts for free at Astro.com.

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Course on Dreams and Age Point Progression

Course Information:

1. Prerequisite: Some background in your own dream interpretation
2. Prerequisite: Some basic knowledge of astrology
3.  Willing to take the course on zoom in a number of sessions which include homework
4.  Since it is an open-ended course, there will be sessions in which we go through all the slides but there is no end date since this work requires processing which is not time sensitive.
Cost: $110
If you’re interested in taking the course, please contact me.


Children’s conscious development, the nature of reality and dreaming.

Ego identity merged with Feeling for the Child: During the first 6 years of life, the development of the "I" comes into awareness for the child. This sphere covers the period of subconscious and preconscious existence of the child. It is a period of slow awakening of the "I" from ages 1-4 and is associated with psychomotor development. 1 A sense of belonging to a caregiver/mother builds on this gradual awareness of the "I". From 18 months onward bonding with the caregiver/mother shows evidence of fear of strangers as the child develops reciprocal smile-reactions in interactions with familiar family faces. [...]

April 5th, 2024|
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